The impressive post and beam façades created on the basis of the MB-SR50N system is an element definitely standing out in the urban landscape. Façades are appreciated for their appearance and modern design but also for their utility.




  • frame depth (door/window): 45 mm,
  • leaf/sash depth (door/window): 45/54 mm,
  • glazing thickness (permanent window/active window): 2-25 mm/ 2-34 mm,
  • standard glazing package 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*,
  • max. T&T window dimensions: height up to 2400 mm (1850 mm), width up to 1250 (1600 mm),
  • max. weight of the leaf/sash (door/window) – 120/130 kg
  • one-chamber profile structure,
  • cold aluminium, no thermal break,
  • single VSG panes can be installed,
  • concealed hardware can be used,
  • doors are available without a threshold (brush or drop-down threshold),
  • swing doors are available,
  • profiles can be bent, arched windows are available (permanent glazing).

*Standard of the day 16.04.2019. Requires technological confirmation.

Colours can emphasise the shape of aluminium joinery and provide it with individual character and genuine appearance.

All aluminium systems offered by our company are available in two colour palettes – RAL and DECORAL. We supply anodised windows and doors as well. Such a large selection enables you to choose perfect windows to match both the interior and the façade.


Basic colour palette. Profiles come in one of 213 smooth colours or in sand or metallic texture.


Woodgrain finish palette. Aluminium joinery offered by our company comes in the following colours: beech, sweet cherry, golden oak, winchester, fir, mahogany, sapele, walnut, walnut vein, pine, cherry, wenge.


Anodised aluminium provides excellent properties (hardness and resistance to corrosion) and allows you to choose from among a wide variety of colours. The following colours of anodised elements are available: blasted silver, blasted gold, blasted inox, blasted champagne, blasted olive, blasted brown, blasted black, brushed anodised inox, brushed strong anodised inox.

  • a system designed for building façades,
  • system with thermal break,
  • aluminum posts’ profiles from 65 to 325 mm,
  • transoms from 49.5 to 189.5 mm wide,
  • glazing of the permanent module up to 300 kg,
  • tempered and laminated glass to choose,
  • windows can be built into the façade,
  • the door can be built into the façade.
Technical parameters:
  • Air permeability: AE 1200, EN 12152
  • Waterproof: RE 1200, EN 12154
  • Wind resistance: 2.4 kN / m2, EN 13116
  • Impact resistance: I5 / E5, EN 14019
  • Thermal insulation (Uf): from 0.7 W / (m2K)

Colors undoubtedly give the joinery an individual expression and unique aesthetics. Façades from our offer are available in two color palettes - RAL and DECORAL.


Basic color palette. Profiles can take one of 213 smooth colors and colors with a sand or metallic structure.

Palette of wood-like colors. Aluminum joinery from our offer can take the following colors:
  • beech
  • cherry
  • golden oak,
  • winchester,
  • fir,
  • mahogany,
  • sapeli mahogany,
  • walnut,
  • walnut vein,
  • pine,
  • cherry,
  • wenge.

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Our high class machinery centre as well as the experienced employees give us a possibility to achieve the impeccable quality of our products. Furthermore, we offer a dazzling array of system solutions. and our joinery is based on the tested and renowned components. Therefore, we can guarantee durability and great longevity of our products.

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