Ventair vent

Designed to provide fresh air at a steady and sufficient flow rate with the help of a dedicated air flow capacity stabilizer that is especially useful in winter. A perfect solution for improved indoor comfort, health effects, and heating efficiency.

Ventair vent


Air flow capacity: ref. Polish Standard PN-83/B-03430-Az3

Sound proofing power when open: 34 dB, ref. Polish Standard PN-87/B-02151/3

Easy installation that requires no drilling; can be installed on finished windows with a kit of screws. The trickle vent is installed in the top part of the window; it can also be installed on balcony doors or other parts of external partitions. It is recommended not to exceed 3 trickle vents in the frame rebate with a special flat gasket set within the window/door leaf rebate.

Accessories: standard cap

Control method:automatic

Insect ingress protection: mesh

Control method: pressure-sensing

Air flow capacity: 10 Pa: 22 m³/h to 24 m³/h

Sound proofing power when open: 34dB.

Installation: Intended for installation in the top structural profiles of PVC and wooden windows.

Components: outdoor air intake and indoor air flow damper connected with a passage that needs to be milled through the window profiles to enable the air flow. The outdoor air intake has a rain drip.

Control method: automatic, maintenance-free air flow rate control with manual vent closure.

Insect ingress protection: mesh

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