Pressure Equalization

Pressure Equalization

Pressure equalization solutions such as capillaries or altimeter are an essential element if you want to install insulated glass in areas located at high altitudes relative to sea level.

In the case of glass installation in such areas and the lack of application of these solutions, there is a high probability of crushing the installed glass.This will be due to the lower air pressure at the end user's installation site

We offer two solutions that may be necessary to avoid crushing in such cases:

Capillaries are a metal tube mounted in the insulated glass frame. With its help in the space between the panes occurs exactly the same pressure that occurs at the location, after transporting the glazing to the final assembly site.

Altimeter is a system of pressure compensation inside the chamber of an insulated glass. The spacer bar has a plug with an over-sealed outer packing. Insulated glass units equipped with this solution are prepared already at the production stage. For this reason, providing information when ordering the final assembly place (height above sea level, average annual temperature at the assembly place) is necessary to properly prepare the glazing for the conditions prevailing there.

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