The selection of a glazing package is often limited to choose windowpanes quantities, which makes them more or less energy efficient. However, our offer in this area is much wider. We offer energy-saving, soundproof, safety, anti-burglary and solar control windowpanes. In addition, we offer a wide range of decoration glass in several dozen designs to choose from.
The possibility of combining different types of glass and a smaller or larger number of windowpanes allows to obtain the appropriate parameters for each window and door system from our offer.

The inter-pane space is usually filled in 90% with argon, however, we also offer their filling with krypton, thanks to which it is possible to obtain a heat transfer coefficient of 0,3 W/m²K.

Additional solutions for windowpanes are spacer bars in different colours, bolections, capillaries and even holes. These elements complement the offer giving a full range of solutions for our customers.