Safety windows. Get to know their elements

Balcony windows and doors are among the most critical points when it comes to property security. These are the places that burglars try to break into when they want to get inside the house. Therefore, when we choose window and door joinery for our investment, let's consider whether it will provide sufficient protection for both property and household members. What elements make up safe windows?

Safety windows. Get to know their elements

Safe windows - which means?

Windows and balcony doors on the ground floor are the most common target for burglars trying to get into the apartment. In the case of single-family housing, thieves can also force the exit to the terrace or balcony on the first floor. What to look for when you want to install safe windows in your home? Here are the most important elements.

Safety glass - toughened and laminated

The glass covers the largest percentage of the window area. The type of glazing used can significantly increase the safety of the household members. Laminated and toughened glass are more resistant to puncture or breakage. Therefore, they effectively reduce the risk of burglary or theft.

Moreover, they are "safe" panes also in another aspect. In the event of breaking the laminated pane, the glass shatters remain attached to the special foil that covers the pane. This reduces the risk of injury to those around you. In turn, the toughened glass breaks into small particles with blunt edges, which minimizes the risk of injury.

Safety windows. Get to know their elements

Handles - anti-burglary with a lock and a key

A small element that can have a big impact on safety is the handle. There are handles available on the market that block the access of uninvited guests from the outside, but also protect against opening windows or balcony doors from the inside.

The Hoppe Secustic anti-burglary handle with a key has a self-securing mechanism that blocks its rotation. If you try to get into an apartment or house and push the fitting with a tool, the window movement is blocked. The ability to turn the key from the inside and close the window, balcony or terrace doors allows to ensure the safety of the youngest family members.

Safety windows. Get to know their elements

Window profiles and fittings

Safe windows are equipped with appropriate profiles. To be able to give them anti-burglary status, they must have a closed steel reinforcement throughout their perimeter and be permanently screwed to the profiles with screws. If windows and balcony doors are to constitute a solid barrier for burglars, it is worth supplementing the fittings with additional elements. Examples include anti-burglary catches, anti-burglary pivots with adjustable pressure or a lock for incorrect handle position.

The construction of profiles, fittings, glass, and handles are the basic elements that affect the safety of the window joinery. If we want even better protection of real estate, property, and household members, let's opt for an alarm system and special anti-burglary roller blinds.