Large-surface windows in
residential buildings

Large-surface windows in residential buildings

Recently, large-surface windows have dominated in modern designs of single-family houses. This is because people are increasingly paying attention to ecology and design. They want unusual solutions that will also allow them to save energy. This effect can be achieved by using large-surface windows. Where should large-surface windows be installed?

Large-surface windows in residential buildings

Large-surface windows is the dream of many investors and an element that moves the imagination of architects. The glass wall allows not only to emphasize the modern character of the house or apartment block, but also to give it class and elegance. Not without the significance is an effective lighting of the room, which improves the comfort of life guaranteeing constant access to natural light. Large-surface windows are also a characteristic element of energy-saving and passive houses. This allows to create an effect of unlimited space - no border between the house and its surroundings, and this instead allows household members to be closer to nature. This can be both slightly cheaper - fixed windows (FIX), but also glazing with sliding doors, thanks to which you can freely go out to the terrace or garden. This can be also corner windows that are an extremely original element of the building.

Regardless of the system chosen, large-surface windows are a spectacular solution that catches the eye. Where will it work best?

Large-surface windows are recommended for energy-saving houses, i.e. those that minimize heat loss and save energy, creating a closed circuit. For passive houses, i.e. those that directly draw and accumulate solar energy, and for houses that are characterized by minimalism, straight lines, compact cubature and large-surface windows. This is not only an extremely interesting façade decoration that impresses guests, and allows the household to enjoy a beautiful view every day, but also a functional and practical solution that illuminates the room and gives the interior lightness - saving energy and reducing expenditure on heating or air conditioning rooms.

Large-surface windows in residential buildings

Eko-Okna, to build large-surface energy-saving aluminum windows, recommends primarily the MB-86 (variant SI and AERO) and MB-104 Passive and Genesis systems. When it comes to large-format sliding windows, MB-77 HS and Ultraglide are the leaders. All mentioned systems are not only characterized by great strength, rigidity, wide construction possibilities, but also very good thermal insulation parameters.

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