Large-format windows in
public buildings

Large-format windows in public buildings

Extensive glazing has captured the imagination of architects and project owners. A wall of glass turns a building into an eye-catcher, regardless of whether the structure is simple or delightfully original. The glass façade has become synonymous with luxury, modernity and prestige. Let's figure out why.

Large-format windows in public buildings

Large format glazing has become a hallmark of modern public building design.

Glass façades are used for banks, business and conference centres, technology parks, city stadiums, universities, hotels, car showrooms and shopping malls. Why do they attract the attention of architects, project owners and passers-by?

Buildings with glass façades are simply impressive. Their aesthetics match the modern architecture of big cities, and can bring to mind New York, London or Dubai. We could call them modern sculptures. However, it is worth understanding that glass façades mean more than design, as they are also functional, both during installation and in use.

Large-format windows in public buildings

Large-format glazing primarily delivers excellent illumination of the interior spaces, an extremely valuable commodity in office buildings.

Natural light improves our sense of comfort and hence the quality of our work. If the glazing is selected well, then there should be no loss of heat or tiresome penetration of sunlight into the interior. Thermal insulation can be achieved by using a continuous thermal strip made of an insulating material and profiled glass gaskets.

It is also worth paying attention to their quality and durability. Here tempered glass or safety, layered, break-resistant glass plays an indispensable role. Glazing is also intended to show off what is inside, which for large-format display windows means high visibility of the product exhibition space to encourage passers-by to enter.

The frame should emphasize the modern style of the façade, and here the use of aluminium means lightweight, corrosion-resistant, durable and maintenance-free mullions and transoms.

Large-format windows in public buildings

Eko-Okna recommends the MB-SR50N system, used to create mullion and transom walls from various types of window.

Importantly, the MB-SR50N is characterised by a wide range of mullion profiles (65-325 mm) and transoms (5-189.5 mm).

In combination with modern accessories and connectors, the narrow dividing lines of this system allow the creation of highly aesthetic façades with flush mullion and transom surfaces (the maximum weight of the fixed façade module filling is 450 kg). The glazing structure thus creates the effect of an extremely elegant uniform truss.

In the case of angled curtain walls, special overlap profiles are used as well as appropriately shaped clamping and masking strips. Thanks to this, the spatial structure of the building can be of any shape.

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