Basic Terms and Conditions of Cooperation

We inform that in order to make our cooperation clear and balanced your order will be fulfilled in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

1. The time-limit for fulfilment of an order by INTEGRA-TOR LTD. starts to run upon the payment of a deposit amounting 50% value of the order.

Irrespective of the amounts specified above, INTEGRA-TOR LTD.may request a deposit in a different amount, which shall be first agreed upon and confirmed with a Buyer.

2. A deposit paid to INTEGRA-TOR LTD.shall be non-refundable and shall forfeit to INTEGRATOR LTD.if a Buyer withdraws an order or if goods cannot be released due to a failure to pay the remainder of the price before the delivery of the goods. If an order is fulfilled – with a prior express consent of INTEGRA-TOR LTD.without a deposit – and a Buyer withdraws the order after it is confirmed, the Buyer shall pay to INTEGRA-TOR LTD. the amount equal to the value of the order to redress the damage caused by doing so.

3. The title to any goods delivered to the Buyer shall pass to the Buyer only upon the payment of the entire purchase price.

4. Before goods are sent a Customer shall pay the remainder of the purchase price. INTEGRATOR LTD. shall send or issues goods to a Buyer only after the entire purchase price is credited to the bank account of INTEGRA-TOR LTD. The remainder of the price must be credited to the Seller’s bank account not later than on the date of delivery.

5. Any quantity defects and visible physical defects shall be reported by a Buyer to the Seller in the Seller’s registered office if the Buyer collects goods themselves or in the place specified in the order if goods are delivered to the Buyer; such defects shall be described by the Buyer in a separate report. If goods are transported by a carrier, such carrier may participate in the preparation of the report.

6. After agreeing with the INTEGRA-TOR LTD., the Buyer may store his previously ordered products in the Seller's warehouse until the minimum logostic amount is collected, i.e. a full-size container, provided that the full payment for the product is made.

7. Any loss, damage and other defects which are not visible when goods are delivered (latent defects) shall be reported to the Seller not later than within 7 days of their disclosure. A Buyer shall examine delivered goods immediately, in any case not later than within 7 days of their receipt. A complaint shall be accompa-nied with all necessary data requested by the Seller and photos.

8. Any reports regarding damages to goods or non-conformity of goods made after the timelimit specified in section 7 shall not be considered, unless in exceptional circumstances specified by a Buyer.

9. Any other defects of goods disclosed in the course of their normal operation may be reported pursu-ant to the terms and conditions of the contractual warranty. A complaint shall be made through COMPLAINT FORM by using a complaint form. The Buyer acknowledges that a complaint shall be considered in accordance with the Complaint Policy, which may be accessed at THE LEGITIMACY OF THE WARRANTY CLAIM

10. Exercising any rights under a contractual warranty and pursuing any claims regarding any defects of a product shall be possible only after the full invoiced amount is paid to INTEGRA-TOR LTD.

By signing this order we accept the above THE LEGITIMACY OF THE WARRANTY CLAIM